Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs

The concept of ‘being comfortable in your own skin’ seems to be one that Thebe Kogatstile (a.k.a. Earl Sweatshirt) is consistently working towards. Recently, the way he has tentatively answered interview questions with a kind of shy awkwardness and perceived the world with an acute, unabashed balance, has presented a man with wisdom beyond his … Continue reading Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs

Kool Keith – Sex Style

“Bisexuals on stage eating fruit loops” I'm torn with Sex Style, as I'm not sure if Keith's trying to parody the overly-sexualised 90's hip-hop scene, or if he's just extremely horny. Regardless, Sex Style is anything but the two seminal Keith projects that sandwich it, distancing itself in lyricism, production and vulgarity as Koolie slams passed … Continue reading Kool Keith – Sex Style

Earl Sweatshirt – I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside

Criminally underrated and overlooked, Earl Sweatshirt's (AKA Thebe Kgositsile) 2015 LP, I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside is an unflinchingly honest discussion of Earl’s personal struggle through drug addiction, depression and anxiety in a period where everything seemed to fall negatively into place for the rapper. Contextually, events surrounding the release of the … Continue reading Earl Sweatshirt – I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside