CAN – Tago Mago

The Germans always seem to know how to do things right. From automobile engineering and financial banking right through to beer and festivals, the Germans have always been a step ahead. Looking from a musical angle, again it’s no different. Not only making landmarks with extreme precision in futuristic left-field techno and statements of grand … Continue reading CAN – Tago Mago

Steve Reich – Different Trains // Electric Counterpoint

I’m not usually one for big statements in music. If albums try to do too much I find they get bogged down and lose sense of what should be their main purpose: musicality. So, Different Trains, which sees Steve Reich at his most ambitious, pulling out all stops to compose a complex exposition that details … Continue reading Steve Reich – Different Trains // Electric Counterpoint

日野繭子 [Mayuko Hino] – Lunisolar

Leaving unfathomably harsh, emotionless and unstructured noise in the late-80's/90's, Hino understands that shock-value noise has no place in the present day. I was never expecting such noise coming into Lunisolar, however, knowing her involvement in the legendary "psychedelic" Japanoise group, C.C.C.C., but there was no denying it was going to be rough. In the … Continue reading 日野繭子 [Mayuko Hino] – Lunisolar