Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

Where to start... If there’s any album which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being in a manic, drugged out state of being, through both the extreme highs and desolate lows, exemplified in production, lyricism and overall frenetic energy, it’s 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition from Detroit native Danny Brown. After taking a 3 year break from his generally well received 2013 LP, Old, … Continue reading Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

Pink Navel – raw navel

Abstract variations of droney instrumentals mix with outsider beats and introspective slam-poetry style rapping on Pink Navel's most personal release yet. Polished, synth-driven production slither between melancholic themes, illustrating bittersweet tones whilst his sometimes robotically-delivered lyrics portray an awkwardly depressive persona. As highlighted in the alarmingly casual spilling of, “I just want to kill myself … Continue reading Pink Navel – raw navel