Duster – Stratosphere

Why Duster? Out of all the long-forgotten bands that have become casualties to the endless churning of time, why Duster? As old records go out of print and labels go into administration, why Duster? As band members find other occupations and equipment gets placed into storage or even sold, why Duster? All these years later, … Continue reading Duster – Stratosphere


Frenetic, Unabashed Youth. It’s often said that a musician or band is almost always at their peak creativity within the early days of their career, releasing a debut that will never be topped in terms of originality by their subsequent releases. With Cap’n Jazz (along with a whole lot of other emo bands to be … Continue reading Cap’n Jazz – BIPFBSCITSABKKFTBPWSOESWTTO

Jeff Mills – Live at the Liquid Room, Tokyo

Although ironic to say, this live set of unadulterated Detroit techno is so humanesque. It’s not straight-down-the-middle, calculated or cold. It’s not uniform and not overtly chaotic. That doesn’t sound like techno at all does it? The first ten or so minutes of Segment I exemplifies this point as Mills cycles through vinyl spastically as … Continue reading Jeff Mills – Live at the Liquid Room, Tokyo