Pedestrian Deposit – Fatale

Just like many performing noise artists, well, real noise artists who understand and compose cacophony as something more than aural shock value, the sounds of Pedestrian Deposit are comprised physically and sometimes violently, creating art by using technology and instruments completely opposed to how they’re traditionally meant to be utilised. Electrifying metal to collaging tearing … Continue reading Pedestrian Deposit – Fatale

Jeff Mills – Live at the Liquid Room, Tokyo

Although ironic to say, this live set of unadulterated Detroit techno is so humanesque. It’s not straight-down-the-middle, calculated or cold. It’s not uniform and not overtly chaotic. That doesn’t sound like techno at all does it? The first ten or so minutes of Segment I exemplifies this point as Mills cycles through vinyl spastically as … Continue reading Jeff Mills – Live at the Liquid Room, Tokyo