Wata Igarashi – Kioku EP

Igarashi’s ultra-psychedelic swirl of techno is unbelievably idiosyncratic, customarily a chaotic monolith of twisting and twirling electronics evolving in such a way that, when mixing, it’s hard enough to keep your head screwed on let alone try choose tracks that straddle it. The Kioku EP is truly the Japanese producer’s best exhibit of this hectic, … Continue reading Wata Igarashi – Kioku EP

Duster – Stratosphere

Why Duster? Out of all the long-forgotten bands that have become casualties to the endless churning of time, why Duster? As old records go out of print and labels go into administration, why Duster? As band members find other occupations and equipment gets placed into storage or even sold, why Duster? All these years later, … Continue reading Duster – Stratosphere

Boris – Flood

Repetition is an odd thing. Often considered monotonous and lazy, it’s a very difficult concept to balance well, let alone create beauty through. At face value, repetition seems to offer comfort in the delivery of something we already know and enjoy, utilising familiarity to its advantage. While this is often the case, the best repetition … Continue reading Boris – Flood

Ry – Needless to say I’m dancing on my own Mix

Another blessing, this time around we have the latest and greatest mix from our very own in-house resident Ry. Featuring everything from spacey techno and hair-raising house to fluid dance-floor ready ambient, get lost in the deepest grooves on your cosy Saturday night. Ry brings all the ingredients needed for a necessary dance that is … Continue reading Ry – Needless to say I’m dancing on my own Mix

Chihei Hatakeyama – Void XX

Chihei Hatakeyama drones paint canvas’ with just about every colour you could imagine. A full platter of sound, swirling a full array of ambience speckled with everything. Like a child’s early artworks where the idea of splatting the entire rainbow came before actually painting something, his landscapes are constant and thick and free. Although this … Continue reading Chihei Hatakeyama – Void XX